Melett is a company which makes turbos for cars.  I won't pretend that I know much in the process, but I did learn a lot whilst doing work for them.

Did you know how complicated the entire process is?  Melett even produce the little bolts and washers, as well as the individuals parts and compete turbos.

There is a lot of programming going on throughout the sites, so I won't bore you with the specifics.


Turbohub was the project for me.  Melett had wanted to create a customer-only platform where selected information was available to different customers, depending on their user level.  This meant that the bigger of a customer your were, i.e. someone who bought a lot and used many of their services, you more than likely had full access to all the information.

A lot of this information is private, as it gives a great amount of detail into turbos and how they work.  They want to keep it secure, but give access to their customers, so they needed a secure way to share the information.  This is where Turbohub was birthed from.

The site works with WordPress and Melett's own databases to secure the site, only allowing certain visitors to certain sections of the site.  The rest is blocked with a redirect and pop-up asking to sign in.  Once signed in, there are other sections of content blocked with further security; you need to be a very good customer to get full access.

Even the images are watermarked as not to be used by other sites, etc.  Again, this was a lot of images to go through, so I created a batch process in Photoshop to run through the images and prepare them for web.

The content is uses varying classes, short codes, and accordions to display the different content.  It took a lot of styling and tweaking to get everything working correctly; unfortunately, you'll need to be a customer in order to view the site.

As per usual, the site is fully responsive.


Not all my work was for Turbohub.  He main site was old, and showing it.  New features were wanting to be added, and the site needed a fresh.  One of these updates involved making it responsive.

Upselling feature

One feature was to create a pop-up module when browsing their products.  This needed to display all relevant information, as well as show a "related product" section, based on the item viewing and what it is used for; Melett called "upselling".

This feature used CSS styling in conjunction with their databases in order to display the correct products and information.

Catalogues & Newsletters

This regular task was not one I looked forward to.

Each month, Melett produced a Newsletter to be displayed on their site.  Each quarter, they produce several catalogues.

The newsletters weren't as bad as the catalogues, but the issues lied with the platform they used; FlippingBook.  I don't think there ever was a time where I didn't encounter some issue with the software, but I managed to push through.

In any case, these tasks usually took up an entire day working on.  A lot of it was within FlippingBook, but I had developed a system where it was mostly automated.  Melett would provide the documents in a plain PDF, and my system would then dynamically add the header and footer depending what the documents were (newsletter/catalogue/buildsheet) and the number of pages.  It wasn't always straight forward, but it did cut down development time a great deal.


Melett operates in many different countries, and so need their content in many different languages.  How I wish I could say I translated them all, wouldn't that be something, but instead I just worked on and enhanced the systems in place to provide the correct languages for the countries, and blocking certain countries and IP's.

One page in particular is the  service centers; this page has a list of service centers for a country, and lists them dynamically.  Some have images, and some do not.  There is also a map involved.  Safe to say there is a lot of configuring here, but I made it easy for the information to be updated and the service centers are listed in a random order when the page is loaded; a request made by Melett.

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