Classic Niall

Web Developer – Games Designer



Hello, my name is Niall Deakin, and I am a Web Developer and Games Designer.

I’ve been working on sites for several years now, ever since I was fourteen, and I think I’ve become quite good at it.
I specialise in programming; all the coding and scripting which people seem to shy away of, of which I embrace and use in order to provide web-based solutions for businesses.
This doesn’t mean I don’t know how to do any of the design work.

I studied Games Design in both college and university, as it is a hobby and passion of mine, but I have found that my skills in both industries are quite cross-compatible, and I use what I learn from one in the other.

Although my studies did lead me to Games Design, my focus is on business solutions. These include designing and developing websites, applications, software, and databases; anything to improve a business’s productivity and efficiency.

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