Terms of Service

  1. Rate of Pay
    1. Projects can be charged at:
      1. Hourly Rate;
      2. Project by Project basis;
    2. Additional work carried outside of original agreement can be charged at a higher rate (“Out Of Hours rate”), or One-off Fee.
  2. Payment
    1. Invoice states when payment is due and how the Client can pay:
      1. A down-payment may be requested at the discretion of Classic Niall;
    2. Administration Charges, up to 10% per week, can be applied to late Invoices until paid, at the discretion of Classic Niall.
  3. Services Provided
    1. Web and Graphic Design;
    2. Web Development and Programming;
    3. Web Hosting and Domain Management;
    4. Database Design;
    5. IT support;
    6. After-care support (on Project(s) taken out);
    7. Training for Projects/Solutions.
  4. Location and Data Protection
    1. Work is to be carried out at the Premises of Classic Niall, unless specialised software is needed and provided for by the Client;
    2. All work carried out at External Premises may carry a Transportation Fee;
    3. All data pertaining to the Project(s) are kept on a secure hard drive, accessible only by Classic Niall.
  5. Location and Data Protection
    1. All work carried out is done with the knowledge that the Client takes full responsibility and is accountable for it;
    2. Any material, references, or sources which Classic Niall uses to carry out my work are documented and credited accordingly;
    3. All work, projects, and assignments remain the property of Classic Niall during Development, and Distribution for reference and portfolio pieces;
    4. All work, projects, and assignments become the responsibility of the Client, and is accountable for, when the product is distributed;
    5. If the Terms of Service are not met/breached, Classic Niall has the right to refuse work mid-term/during Development.