Terms of Service

Updated: 29 April 2021

  1. Rate of Pay
    1. Projects can be charged at:
      1. Hourly/Daily rate;
      2. Quotation basis (1);
  2. Payment
    1. Invoices are generated on a monthly basis and state the payment terms;
    2. An initial non-refundable deposit, or down-payment, may be requested by Classic Niall before work is taken out;
    3. Overdue invoices may incur “statutory interest” (2);
  3. Services Provided
    1. Web and Graphic Design;
    2. Web Development and Programming;
    3. Web Hosting and Domain Management;
    4. Database Design;
    5. Games Design and Development (3)
    6. IT support;
    7. After-care support (on Project(s) taken out);
    8. Third-party support and modifications;
    9. Training for Projects/Solutions.
  4. Location and Data Protection
    1. Data is saved on secure equipment trusted by Classic Niall;
    2. Work is to be carried out using Classic Niall equipment, tools, or out-sourcing (4);
    3. On-site attendance will incur travel charges;
  5. Licenses and Ownership
    1. Classic Niall provides services “as is” (5);
    2. Assets used during development are documents and accredited, where applicable;
    3. Classic Niall retains the right of ownership to source code and assets, where applicable;
    4. End product is the property of the Client;
    5. Products and services provided may be used for referencing, further development and included in Classic Niall portfolio.

If the Terms of Service are not met/breached, Classic Niall has the right to refuse work mid-term/during development.

Foot notes:

  1. Invoices of this type will be set as milestones or completed project;
  2. As outlined by GOV.UK;
  3. For Games Design and Development, please visit Distraction Tactics;
  4. Classic Niall may out-source tasks to freelancers;
  5. Services “as is” is to say that Classic Niall does not produce any physical product, but simply “does the job for you”