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Does your site need a facelift? Maybe it looks dated, or a rebranding project.
Get in touch and let's see what we can do.

Back End Development

Themes? Plugins? CMS?
Save yourself a headache and talk to us about all your programming needs. We live and breathe the stuff.

Full Stack Everything

Looking for the "all in one package"?
Don't worry, we've got you covered; whether you need a lot or a little, we can help.

Services We Offer

Web and Graphic Design

UX/UI are important for your site, and branding is important for your company. Working with you, we will create a fun and engaging experience for your users.

Web Development

Websites can do many powerful things, and we know quite a lot about them. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and develop a system you will be proud of.

SEO and Marketing

Why spend all that money on something if you don't have anyone see it? We will work with you to get your product out there and bring in customers.

Hosting, Server and IT Services

What is hosting? Do you need a server? Confused as to what services to buy? Speak to us and we can help. We offer a whole range, from the basic, to the advanced.

The Work We've Done

Latest From Our Blog

Using GIT to deploy to Live sites

Niall Deakin
10 Aug 19

A little secret Okay, today I’m going to tell you a nice little method I’ve been wanting to try out for ages. If you are unaware of CI/CD, Jenkins, Auto Deployment, DeployHQ, etc., they’re essentially methods to push changes to a site with as little interruption as possible. Instead of manually uploading via FTP yourself, […]

CI/CD, DeployHQ, Deployment, FTP, Git, Gitlab, Jenkins, SSH, Uploading

Homebrew Dynamic DNS

Niall Deakin
19 Jul 19

It’s quite handy having a home server, but access it remotely can prove a bit of a challenge. Here we quickly run a command so we can access the server remotely.

A Records, Bash, DigitalOcean, DNS, Dynamic DNS, Gitlab, home server, Remote Access

The smallest of issues

Niall Deakin
05 Jul 19

I hope you enjoy this article, because I go into detail of some of the issues I’ve faced in just trying to get a site up and running.

Apache, File Permissions, hosting, Ownership, PPK, Read/Write, Security, server, SSH, SSH Keys, SSL, SSL Certificates

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