A team that cares about your projects, because your business is our business


Design trends are always changing, and it's important to look your best.  With our years of experience, we can work with you to capture your core identity and show it off to the world.


Websites can do many powerful things, and we know quite a lot about them. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and develop a system you will be proud of.

SEO & Marketing

We can deal with this headache so you don't have to.  The rules are forever changing, and what may work one month may not work the next.

IT Servers

Domains, hosting, emails, and so much more.  It can be confusing to keep track of everything.  Come to us for all these needs, and we'll lighten your load.

Recent Musings

"Just another WordPress blog", I think that's the tagline for new sites.
Here you can see what we've recently blogged about, in the hopes to show you
who we are, and get a feel of us before even saying "hello".
Starting your own business
Want to know what it takes to start your own business? Here are some of my personal experiences in doing that....
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Lockdown 2021
I'm writing this a few weeks into 2021, and as a UK business, the global pandemic has been "something else". Now, back in March 2020, I had a fairly decent stream of work coming in. However when we first went into Lockdown, the work dried up.A good number of my clients were in hospitality, and [&hel...
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Don't buy from [Online Theme/Plugin Marketplace]
In case anyone reading this doesn't know, I've been working with WordPress since the very early days. I've seen a lot change, what to do and what not, and I will honestly say that WordPress is not the complete solution. It is heavily limited in so many ways, and very vulnerable in others. It's not [...
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Take some time out
Giving yourself a break is important. It helps you refocus and re-energise. Here's my musings, mainly about my pets....
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GitLab Runner
I was first introduced to the idea of Continuous Integrate/Continuous Deployment all the way back in 2018, and I've only just been able to create my own runner....
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Being productive in these uncertain times
In these uncertain times (ooh, the drama), it's good to be productive. Here are some of my thoughts and what I've been doing lately....
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The difference between MB/s and Mbps
I've been having loads of issues with my internet of late. After an OS update, I suddenly was unable to stream; I was dropping all the frames. The only thing that had changed was an update in my OS.Weird, right? Using the updating and down-dating the drivers did nothing, but I was moving away from [...
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How Intelligent is Artificial Intelligence?
What is "Artificial Intelligence"? A quick Google search brings me this: The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Google: "define arti...
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Why Testing is Important
It doesn't matter how long you've been a "developer" for, you always need to test things. I say this coming off the back of spending this entire morning (yes, the same day as I am writing and publishing this article) going through this very site and fixing things with the theme. I had recently been ...
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Using GIT to deploy to Live sites
A little secret Okay, today I'm going to tell you a nice little method I've been wanting to try out for ages. If you are unaware of CI/CD, Jenkins, Auto Deployment, DeployHQ, etc., they're essentially methods to push changes to a site with as little interruption as possible. Instead of manually uplo...
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