Mission 4 Markets is a joint venture between NMTF and NABMA.  Together, they both want to help local market traders in bringing in an income and supporting local communities.

NMTF were a pre-existing client when I joined Contedia, so the relationship was already well established; this made working with them and NABMA easier to get this project done.  To make it easier, I shall be referring to both companies as the "Client".

Site Structure

The majority of the site is just aesthetics and content.  Each page uses the same header and footer, and only the main content changes.

The site was to be developed under very tight time constraints, so we brought in a third-party designer, someone close to Contedia, to help move things along.


For the Header, the Client wanted their logo and navigation to be scrollable, so when the visitor scrolls down the page, the Header follows.  Using CSS, I was able to make this "sticky Header" and use transitions to animate the shrinking and growing of the Header (text and logo included).


The banner was created using a plugin.  The Client wanted it to be animated and interactive, so once clicked, the banner would take them to the corresponding page that the slide was displaying.

The images were created in Photoshop, using stock images and editing them to suit the style of the site.  The interactivity was created in the plugin using text and HTML for the links.

Home Page

The Home Page is something different to the other/inner pages.  Whereas the inner pages are just for content/information, the Home Page consists of several different sections of information.

To begin with, the navigation at the top creates hot links to the different sections.  Click on one of the navigation items, and the page will automatically take you to that section, scrolling the page for you.  That item is also highlighted in the menu.

The content is populated by using modules to hold the content.  Whether it is just formatted text, images, or more dynamic content like the map and social media feeds, these are controlled through Joomla's modules and displayed in the home page template file.

The modules use different techniques.  The map is populated with jQuery and PHP to store and display all the locations.  The social media feed uses their respective API's, PHP, and HTML in order to have a live feed from the accounts.


The contact form towards the end is a simple and custom built contract form, as the Client didn't want to be overwhelmed with a complicated plugin.  They had an idea of a simple contact form which people can use to get in touch.  Considering my experience in creating contact forms, it didn't take long to create this PHP form and integrate Google's reCAPTCHA service.

The remainder of the footer is just a quick navigation system to get to the other pages of the site and accreditation.

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