I'm writing this a few weeks into 2021, and as a UK business, the global pandemic has been "something else".

Now, back in March 2020, I had a fairly decent stream of work coming in. However when we first went into Lockdown, the work dried up.
A good number of my clients were in hospitality, and thus, were closed. Since they were closed, and not bringing money in, the budget for work dried up.

Even recently, I've been getting emails from them about more work, looking to pick up the projects again, but we've entered another Lockdown.
To be honest, I don't think I ever left the first and I don't know what number we are even on.

It's been a hard year for a lot of us; some more so than others, and my heart earnestly goes out to those who are struggling.

However, it is a new year! A fresh start, and all that!

Luckily for the business, I was able to pivot and find clients who needed work doing who weren't massively affected by the Lockdown. This meant that I could still bring money in and grow the business.

We've got exciting things in store. Recently bringing on an intern and looking at adding another member of staff shortly.
These are all part-time jobs, mainly because the work needs to come in and these employees need to "pull their weight", but I am very optimistic about this year.

Better still, these are people who are interested in learning and are wanting a fresh start themselves (new careers, etc.), so who am I to pass up on an opportunity like that?

I've also seen other "small local businesses" do well too. Some are my clients, and others are competition (either directly, or they snatch up the talent I was looking into). And, to be honest, I am glad. If more people are achieving their goals and dreams, all the better.

I don't write this to boast. If anything, I'm only writing this because I want to blog more (see various other published and draft posts scattered around).
But if it helps get the message across that "life goes on" and we shouldn't wait until things go back to normal, then at least some good has come of it.

So, if you want to help me support others in achieving their goals...

As of writing this, we're mid-way through week 3 (week 3.5, if you will) of the UK Lockdown, and I have to say, it feels a whole lot longer.

But that's besides the point. A lot of people are feeling the pressure, a lot of businesses are. People have lost their jobs, work has slowed down significantly and people are adjusting to the "new norm".
I've always worked from home, not much has changed in that aspect, but it is difficult to see people struggling in these times, whether it be friends, family, my clients or just strangers on the street.

It doesn't help that people are treating this like an extended holiday.

What's the point I'm trying to make

Yes... sorry, my mind started to wander.

Essentially, it's important to be productive.
Perhaps there are some DIY or home improvements you've been wanting to do, perhaps it's time for a spring clean (trust me, it is rewarding to be able to clear the clutter and sit down in a fresh, clean, tidy home), or (hear me out) it's time to start working out, or even try your hand at a new/favourite hobby (cooking, baking, reading, etc.).

I've had a few projects which I've been working on, and since I've had more "free time" lately, I've been picking those back up.

One of which is Distraction Tactics.

Distraction Tactics is a small "indie" game development studio which focuses on working with freelancers and self-employed people in order to come together and make games.
There are a few games in development right now, and the outlook is optimistic on these.

This project really was a delight to work on. I learnt a lot by working on the site, and I think I am actually proud of it (which is a rarity for me, being a perfectionist).

The funny/annoying thing is that whilst finishing up the site (and I mean literally, as I was about to hit "deploy"), I had a bold, new idea... "why don't I used CSS Grid for this problem I faced? Why don't I rebuild the site with CSS Grid?"

No. Just no. Don't ever do this, because you'll get stuck in an endless cycle and nothing will ever get finished.
If it works, great, stick to it, and use your new idea for the next project.

Anyway, please go check out the site (I'll be adding it to the portfolio at some point), and constructive feedback is welcome.

And as per usual, shameless plug below.

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